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Trips this June

Sea Witch's Cauldron on 3rd June 2018

Surf Youth night on 5th June 2018

Sea Club night newgale on 7th June 2018

 The 14 canoe booked for the weekend on 8th June 2018

Sea Greenland Rolling and Skills on 10th June 2018

Touring (Inland) Youth night on 12th June 2018

Sea STACKPOLE on 14th June 2018

Sea Pembrokeshire Triathlon Swim Cover on 16th June 2018

Touring (Inland) Youth trip on 19th June 2018

Estuary Gelliswick on 21st June 2018

Estuary Youth trip - bbq on 23rd June 2018

Sea Greenland Rolling &Skills on 24th June 2018