Llandysul Weekend 28th July 2018

Type of trip: White Water
Level: Sheltered
Paddler Level: All

Meet at:Llandysul Paddlers, Llandysul Meeting time:

Briefing and Launch time: (*Please note that it will be at the discretion of the trip leader as to whether or not any member who has not signed up and not attended the safety briefing is allowed to participate in this trip.)

Estimated Duration:

Outline plan: As Stuart mentioned we are thinking about a weekend in Llandysul this year. I have booked Llandysul for weekend of the 28th of July and also the Friday night the 27th of July. The weekend is open to all abilities of paddlers, we have booked four Llandysul coaches for the weekend, the weekend is also open to non paddling family members as it is a good to watch and explore and of course the social side. The outline cost for the weekend is £45 for paddlers which includes the coaches, accommodation, any kit if required, BBQ on the Saturday night and possible trip / rafting etc. The outline cost for the weekend for non paddlers is £15 which includes accommodation and BBQ on Saturday night. The accommodation is either bunk house or camping with full use of bunk house facilities. For those who can't make it for the full weekend no worries come for a day or what suits and we can price accordingly. Any questions please don't hesitate to ask me, my email address is brookgardner78@googlemail.com or Mike his email address is mike@mtdtidfsplus.com. Please sign up on the website asap so we can work out number etc. We will be looking at number's about 3 weeks before to assess if there's enough to make it viable to carry on with the weekend.

Expected condtions: Up to Grade 2 White Water. This is an excellent family weekend and introduction to white water. It is recommended that members paddle here several times before going to CIWW.

Organiser: Mike T Tel. 07584245563 email: mike@mtdtidfs.plus.com

Already signed up for this:

James P Tel. 07974829317 email Barneydinosaur@hotmail.co.uk
Sue Lake Tel. 0777 976 2048 email slake61@googlemail.com
Kit required: Boat, deck and paddle please. Will be camping.
Sarah, Shane, Sam, Harry Tel. email sarahstorrow@gmail.com
Kit required: Boat for Sam please
Charlotte Appleton Tel. 07508752528 email Charlotteappleton@icloud.com
Kit required: All of it! Not sure what exactly it is I need.
Julie and Sophie Layton Tel. 07477 962865 email joolzlayton@yahoo.co.uk
Kit required: leaving Sun morning.BA for Soph
Tessa Tel. 07905999959 email gabriele651002@gmail.com
Kit required: paddle, lifejacket, probably most of it :)
Tanwen James Tel. 01437 767047 email Bateman-james@hotmail.com
Kit required: Kayak please
Brook Tel. email
Kit required: bunk house, no dietary requirements
Anna and Kai Tel. 07883927301 email a.gardner602@yahoo.com
chris Tel. email
Kit required: all weekend sleeping in van
jose capitao Tel. +447879644760 email josecapitao74@gmail.com
Kit required: All kit Please
Amanda Tel. email abcrussell@live.co.uk
Kit required: Sleeping in van
John Tel. 07875124058 email themrbeaumont2@gmail.com
Kit required: All kit please, just camping Sat and kayak Sun
Dimi Tel. 07947958872 email dimxanthis@gmail.com
Kit required: bunk, if possible. thank you
Giulia Tel. 07501190541 email giuliafrezzato.vr@gmail.com
Kit required: all kit please. Camping Saturday night
Rhi Tel. 07985 227951 email Rhianfield50@gmail.com
Simon McDowell Tel. 07816373327 email Simc46@live.com
Kit required: Will camp all weekend please
Bev Gardner Tel. 07929203043 email Brookandbeverley@talktalk.net
Mike n Mer Tel. 07817902186 email justemer@hotmail.co.uk
Kit required: Mer will only be coming up for BBQ. Not joining any activities. Not camping