Pembrokeshire Triathlon Swim Cover 16th June 2018

Type of trip: Sea
Level: Sheltered/Moderate
Paddler Level: Intermediate

Meet at:Broadhaven Primary School Meeting time: 08:30

Briefing and Launch time:09:30 (*Please note that it will be at the discretion of the trip leader as to whether or not any member who has not signed up and not attended the safety briefing is allowed to participate in this trip.)

Estimated Duration: 2 hrs

Outline plan: Provide Swim Safety Cover for the Swim section of the Triathlon. This event gives the club a financial boost as we get paid for each paddler supporting the swimmers. Park cars in School Car Park. Sea boats only please, with full personal equipment. Further information will be given when we have a forecast.

Expected condtions: Not yet known. We patrol sections of the Swim course until the last swimmer has completed.

Organiser: Mike Taylor Tel. 07584 245563 email:

Already signed up for this:

John Tel. 01348 881646 email
Beth Tel. 07460118813 email
Sally Tel. 01437732818 email
Sarah Tel. 07876 660890 email
James P Tel. 07974829317 email
Richie W Tel. 07454 541547 email
Chris Tel. 07855907346 email