Pool sessions 30th Nov 2021

Type of trip:
Level: Very Sheltered
Paddler Level: All

Meet at:Haverfordwest Leisure Center Meeting time: 6:56 for youths

Briefing and Launch time: (*Please note that it will be at the discretion of the trip leader as to whether or not any member who has not signed up and not attended the safety briefing is allowed to participate in this trip.)

Estimated Duration:

Outline plan: Please state which session you are attending. There are a maximum of 12 places for each session. If you have to cancel please phone or email the organiser details below. Please follow the Pool protocols as separately informed.

Expected condtions: Youths 7:00-8:00 meeting time 6:56 Adults all levels. 8:00- 9:00

Organiser: Sally Reeves Tel. 01437732818 email: sar@pen-yr-alt.co.uk