Club Night 7th Sept 2017

Type of trip: Estuary
Level: Sheltered
Paddler Level: All

Meet at:River Haverfordwest Meeting time: 18:30

Briefing and Launch time:18:45 (*Please note that it will be at the discretion of the trip leader as to whether or not any member who has not signed up and not attended the safety briefing is allowed to participate in this trip.)

Estimated Duration: 1:30

Outline plan: I need to do some canoe coaching, so need shelter from the wind and to make the most of the light. I'll be using all 4 canoes and need 3 willing volunteers to be guinea pigs. When signing up please state if you'd like to help In The canoes Both the canoes and I will stay in the centre of town. Another trip can venture up the river in kayaks

Expected condtions: Wind WSW 14 -29mph High tide 20:00 Launch above weir at the council offices. have experienced paddlers on the water to keep lesser experienced paddlers away from danger.

Organiser: Si Mc Tel. 07816373327 email:

Already signed up for this:

Rhian Tel. 07985227951 email
Kit required: I've already agreed to take part in Simon's coaching exercise in the canoe :-)
Mer Tel. email
Kit required: I'm bringing my little canoe
Aileen Tel. 01437890699 email
Kit required: Would like a canoe but will bring my small kayak
Bethan Tel. 01437760882 email
Kit required: I'm going to be coached by Simon
Jase Tel. 07800712903 email
Rich Tel. email
Kit required: Will tow trailer
James P Tel. 07974829317 email
Kit required: All kit needed please. Happy to do some canoeing