Haverfordwest Town Centre 20th July 2019

Type of trip: Touring (Inland)
Level: Very Sheltered
Paddler Level: All

Meet at:Club Containers Haverfordwest Meeting time: 1.30

Briefing and Launch time:1.45 (*Please note that it will be at the discretion of the trip leader as to whether or not any member who has not signed up and not attended the safety briefing is allowed to participate in this trip.)

Estimated Duration: 2 hr

Outline plan: We are helping the rotary club pick up ducks at 2.30pm after their duck race. As well as showing a presence during Haverfordwest Festival Week. If you have a fishing net please bring it along.

Expected condtions: On river in Haverfordwest (Flat water) NO TRIP FEE

Organiser: Stuart Coulson Tel. 01437767251 email: sjc.kayak@outlook.com

Already signed up for this:

Sally Tel. 01437732818 email sar@pen-yr-allt.co.uk  CW Yes
Aileen Tel. 01437768218 email Saundeaile@aol.com  CW Yes
aidan winchester Tel. 07816013518 email chantalwinchester@hotmail.co.uk  CW Yes
Kit required: left hand oars kayak etc..we do not have a net at home!
Rich Tel. email   CW Yes
Kit required: Will bring a net