Whitewater Kayaking

Based in Pembrokeshire with such varied sea resources white water paddling is a secondary club activity. The club does though regularly visit the river Teivi, the Cardiff white water centre and has paddled other welsh rivers and members recentlly visited the Pyrenes.

HWKC Library Books

Kayak, the new frontier, William Nealy. Very humerous but also full to techniques and sound advice for paddling advanced white water.

White Water Kayaking, Ray Rowe. A simple guide to the best techniques & equipment for success.

British White Water: Terry Storry

A Canoeist's Guide to the North East: Nick Doll

Trips & Events

Trips this June

Touring (Inland) Youth night on 4th June 2019

Sea St Brides on 6th June 2019

Sea Broadhaven Swim Safety Cover on 8th June 2019

Touring (Inland) Youth night on 11th June 2019

Sea Stackpole Quay on 13th June 2019

Sea Youth night on 18th June 2019

Sea Cresswell Quay on 20th June 2019

Sea Ramsey island on 22nd June 2019

Sea Youth night on 25th June 2019

Sea Thursday club trip on 27th June 2019